The wonder of birthdays and DIY

Today was my sweet A’s birthday. Six years old already! I can’t believe how time flies. We’re not really celebrating until sunday, so today it was just me and her. And we had a wonderful day so far. When I woke up I made dough for birthday buns and then I put a small present beside her where she was sleeping, which she had asked me to do the night before.

From the kitchen, which is right next to where we sleep I could hear when she was waking up and went to kiss her and say happy birthday. She yawned and looked at me with sleepy eyes and smiled. She unwrapped the present and smiled again. I had given her a tiny case to put milk teeth in when they fall out. We sat on the bed and talked for a while and then we both went to the kitchen to finish the buns. After that I did some yoga and we practised doing hand stands. A was really excited that she could stand on her own.

I wrapped her “real” present, a flute, while she was waiting for me in the living room where we would have a nice long birthday breakfast. I brought it to her while singing happy birthday and we sat down to eat. A was very pleased with the flute; we took turns playing it as we sat and ate and I tried to remeber some of the tunes I learned as a child. A has been wanting a flute for a long time and she has been playing it on and off the whole day making up tunes and whisteling animal sounds to me.

We went to the garten and harvested some tiny baby carrots and two peas (we only recently started gartening, so we’re not that accomplished when it comes to growing vegetables efficiently , but it felt really good to harvest something from our own garden and we were both very happy about it). We were also really lucky to get about 4 pounds of apples that we made stewed apples from. A loves stewed apples and she ate some right after I had finished them.

Later A wanted to go the beach so we got on our bikes and went to the beach for a swim. A tought herself to swim when we went to Crete in May and she is like a fish in the water now. We just came back from a week of sailing with my parents and A has been jumping in the water from the ship with the rest of us and she deftly dives 8 feet down to pick up sand from the seabed, which is admirable for someone who is just 3.8 feet. I was quite astonished the first time she it. We swam at the beach until A got cold and wanted to go up to dry off. Then we went home and ate; spaghetti for A, veggie soup for moi.

What a beautiful birthday for my sweet girl.

Birthday brunch
Presents 🙂
Making apple stew
Tiny carrots from our garden
A tries them out

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