About learning from our travels

As we are travelling there are many things that occur to me. Like the fact that we don’t need many of the things we have stacked up back home. We have way too much clothes for example. I already sold a lot of our stuff last year but we still have so many things. How when you’re on the road you get much better at living in the moment. You suddenly appreciate small details and things you may not pay attention to back home. This connects to the post I wrote a while back about how free we actually are. When we are travelling our freedom to go where we want to go and our lack of possessions make it easier to feel free. But it is still something I have to remind myself. I have choices. I can choose to stay longer in this place. We are not following a particular schedule we are travelling to enrich our lives and our skills and knowledge. And to connect with our surroundings. This is not easy. It really depends on how we choose to travel. What places we go to and how we interact with people. I still have difficulties letting go of my fears and worrying too much. It is a process that I am going through and I have to consciously tell myself to let go of my uncertainties and embrace the unknown as well as embrace who we are at the moment.

I am becoming increasingly aware that I would like to do this much more. This isn’t a new thing. I have had the urge to travel for a long time. To travel full time. But how do I actually do it? I have difficulties earning my living as it is. How do I do it while on the road. I begin to think it is not so much a question of moving around or going far away. I am not interested in fleeing something, much more so I am interested in getting better at embracing what is there. Creating community as we go. I just am not sure how to do this. I suppose it is something to do with taking responsibility for what happens around you. Taking control of your life.

I have days where I feel like things are happening to me instead of things happening because of me and these are the feelings I need to let go of. I realise that if I wish to I can claim control and I can use this control to create something good in our lives. But how do I move from thinking it to actually doing it? How can I use my personal skills in a positive way? While we are travelling I am practising my ability to embrace the moment and to go with the flow. I don’t always succeed but I am practising and that is what matters.

I can’t control what kind of people we meet or what they do or say but I can control how I react to them and how I react to the things happening around us.

A new friend
Cambodian jungle

This applies anywhere in the world. I realise in order to really live in the moment, to exist, I have to break down the thought that I am a guest. Or I have to wholly embrace it. I am a guest always, anywhere and I am welcome. I am not here to conquer a landbase or a culture. I am here to see and to learn and to live. A knows this instinctively. She plays with her new friends and interacts with them in a way that comes naturally to her no matter where we are.

Tom and A
New friends
Saying goodbye

She has a natural ability to sieze the moment. A knowledge that things and people and all other living beings are always temporary and that you should make the most of them when they are there and when you are there. I look at her and I learn that from her. This is valuable knowledge worth remebering for when we are back home.

As it is we are already back home. Two months of travelling have gone by very fast and we are back in Denmark. It is nice to be here and it is uncertain when we will go travelling again. But we have not finished our discovering journey. We are still travellers, only staying in one place for a while.


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