About a day

We started today with a very interesting lesson in buildings and structures. A asked me how tall the tallest building in the world was and what is what made of. She thought it must be made of concrete. I said I thought it was probably made of concrete and something that made it flexible. I also said I had no idea what the tallest building was so we googled it and found out it is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and that it is 828 metres tall. We then found out what the ten tallest buildings in the world are and learned that four of them are in China. We found out that they are build from reinforced concrete which is concrete with a steel structure inside. We learned that in order for the building to have a strong enough foundation it needs a substructure that goes at least 50 metres into the ground. Then we talked about the colours of the material and about TV towers. A was sure she had seen a red and white TV tower somewhere. We found out that lots of TV towers have those colours.

Our lesson in structures turned into a lesson in geography as we started talking about mountains. We both knew what the highest mountain in the world is and where it is. But we didn’t know what the smallest mountain is. We found out that it is Mount Wycheproof in Australia. Then A said it should be called a hill because of it’s size so we decided to find out what the difference is between a mountain and a hill. We found out that the distinction is very subjective and there isn’t really any universal truth. But generally, mountains are a lot higher and steeper and with an identifiable summit. And mountains usually consist of solid rock whereas hills are covered in grass or earth and are more rounded. There are lots of different distinctions and lots of more to be learned about the subject. My point is that this is a perfect example of how unschooling works; you are interested in a subject, you want to learn more, so you do.

We learned a lot of other things today. We went swimming in the sea, we learned about cat behaviour, we learned how to make elderflower lemonade, we saw a green spider for the first time in Denmark, we saw a movie about Munk’s Devil Rays and their mating habits.


We met the above green little person today. She was crawling on a newspaper. We had never seen a green spider in Denmark before. A thought we should call her Grønskrobassen. I am not sure what the English equivalent to Grønskrobassen would be. But she is very cute.

Elderflower lemonade in the making
Getting from one rock to another isn’t always that simple

We went grocery shopping, we tried to tidy up our house. We are both not big on tidying up so that is always a very long lasting process that usually means we find stuff we had forgotten we had and get excited about it all over again. It’s really fun. We played Labyrinth.

As it is, this post was written yesterday and today is a whole new adventure still going on. So I’ll go enjoy the rest of it.




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