Step out of your comfort zone – it’ll set you free

Neale Donald Walsch says that life begins at the end of your comfort zone and he is probably right. I have huge problems stepping out of my comfort zone. I have experienced time and again how I have refrained from doing something for the sole reason that I was unsure how it would feel. And that made me scared to do it. I still let myself miss out on experiences only because I am afraid to try. But I am slowly practising getting better at stepping out of my comfort zone. I have decided to try something new.

We are about to go on an adventure. I have bought tickets to Peru and they are one way tickets. So we are leaving Denmark indefinitely. This is something I have been wanting to do for a very long time! And now I finally gathered the courage to buy the tickets. Even buying the tickets was a big step for me. I was sitting on my couch at 4 am in the morning searching for the cheapest tickets on momondo and matrix.ita. I had been searching for almost a week while my decision to go had been growing in me. I knew I was going to buy them. I just didn’t know when. So when, at 4 am, I pushed the buy button I felt so overwhelmed with excitement and happiness I almost couldn’t breath. I was bursting with joy and pride that I actually dared do such a spontaneous act of wildness and lust for adventure. Not only that, it was an act of following my own desires, of listening to my heart and my dreams.

I had bought the tickets. I was beaming. I had to announce it on facebook!

We leave in approximately 2 months. I have had different reactions to my decision to go. Some people have been very happy for me. Some have been worried.

There are a lot of preparations to do before we leave. Both here at home and for the actual journey. We have started doing our research on Peru – there are so many things to learn. And since my Spanish is really poor and A’s is nonexistent (so far she knows hola and me gusta), we have to practise that a little before we go. As it is, we have had our first lesson in Spanish already talking to our friends’ new neighbours.

It isn’t like we haven’t travelled before. But this is so different since it is a completely different part of the world. I have never been to South America except when I was about 9 and went to Venezuela for two weeks with my family. Back then it was all just an adventure for me. This is so much more scary for me. We are going, virtually, into the unknown and for an unknown period of time.


The other times we’ve travelled we knew when we would be back again. This time it’s unsure. And this time I wont be able to get by on English. I have to learn a third language. I have so many questions popping up in my head all the time. Mainly I ask myself: will I be able to earn enough for us to get by while travelling? How will we make ourselves understood when we don’t speak the language? What if we don’t like travelling that way?

It is not only the thought that we don’t know what we are going to experience or what to expect, it is the thought that we wont have any safety net. There isn’t anybody to call if things go wrong. Of course in these times of technology there is always a way to get in contact with people but noone will actually be able to help in case anything goes wrong.

Anyway, these are my fears talking. Yes, it is true. I am scared to do this. But I am also excited to do this and I am really happy I am able to take A on an adventure like this.

Life is about letting go of your fears and saying yes!

My hope is that this journey will open up our hearts more and set our spirits free and teach us to trust our intuition and let go of our fears and live in the moment. It is mostly me who needs to learn these things. A, fortunately, is much more capable of living in the moment. She is much wiser than me when it comes to trusting the world around her.

I know that I will be stronger, wiser, better at embracing the world and the people around me when I learn to let go of my fears. And step out of my comfort zone. Since I decided against sending A to school I have stepped quite far from my comfort zone but I have a tendency of returning to it in times of uncertainty. I am well aware that travelling is not the answer for everything but I have seen time and again how much good it does for us. Going far away may not be the solution for everyone. Stepping out of your comfort zone is as much about embracing the world around you and trusting that you will be able to do things you are afraid to do,even if it is in your hometown, as it is about daring to venture into the unknown.

From Brighton 2070
The moment you jump is the moment you are free!

I trust that the world will be open to A and I as long as we are open to it. And I trust that with open hearts and outside our comfort zones we will learn the most important things and see the most incredible sights. And meet the most wonderful people. I am certain we will. We are stepping out of our comfort zones and we are setting ourselves free ❤





2 thoughts on “Step out of your comfort zone – it’ll set you free

  1. wowwww!!! it’s amazing to read this!!! well done 🙂 🙂
    i’m currently back in south-east asia for precisely some of the reasons you talk about in the blogpost: as i was so tired and stressed it was easier to go somewhere that i know. i had the opportunity to go to brazil and didn’t take it because it was the unknown and because i knew no portuguese or spanish. but i will get there once i have got more energy back!!! maybe we can meet up in south america if you travel slowly 🙂
    i’m full of admiration for you and A 🙂


  2. thanks so much Lisa! your words are very encouraging 🙂 i can imagine that you must be very exhausted sometimes with all the travelling and all the venturing into the unknown you do! and sometimes it is good to return to a well-known place to rest and get your energy back.
    however, it sounds wonderful that you have the opportunity to go to brazil!! brazil is land of much mystery to me and somewhere i would really like to visit sometime.
    and i definitely think we should meet up somewhere in south america if we get the chance 🙂 we plan to travel very slowly 🙂
    you can be sure that i am full of admiration for you as well 🙂


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