Baking meringue, take one

The other day we decided to try to make vegan meringue. I don’t eat meringue anymore since they aren’t vegan but my sister told me a while back that you can make them from the water you have left after boiling chickpeas. And since I had just boiled chickpeas the day before we had some of that water. A loves sweets so what could be better than try to make meringue.

I usually follow recipes when I am baking cakes or making new sweets but this time we decided to start off by not following a recipe. Since how hard could it be to make meringue? Well, it turned out to be a little more complicated than it sounded.

We started out by whisking the chickpea water for a while. We had decided on vanilla for flavour so I said to A she could add some vanilla seeds. Then we whisked some more. I started to wonder why it only got a little fluffy. Not at all like when you whisk egg whites. So we thought we would look up a recipe after all.

Aha! We needed to add vinegar! I added a spoonful of apple cider vinegar without reading the recipe through. And we whisked some more. The consistency was starting to change. It was getting fluffier and stiff. Just like it should. So we decieded it was time to add sugar. We used powdered sugar like the recipe called for. And we whisked and whisked. Luckily we have an electric whisk.

We baked the meringue and the result was this:


Alas, something had gone wrong. I realised I had added way too much vinegar and that we shouldn’t have added the vanilla until the very end. But we thought we could save it by adding more sugar.

So we went to the library. And then to the store to get more sugar. Then back home. Add more sugar. Whisk some more. That’s when we realised we wouldn’t have meringue this time around. The meringue base had turned into a watery substance and it wouldn’t be whisked fluffy again. Hence, I would recommend that you always follow a recipe the first time you make vegan meringue.

So, we went to the beach.

When we came back home we baked a cake out of the failed meringue base:

Today we’re baking buns. And we know how to do it:


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