A candle in the making

Both A and I like projects. We often have a few projects going on at the same time. We both like to jump in and out of projects as we finish one and start the next or simply let one linger while another one takes over.

Yesterday A wanted to make a candle out of little pieces of leftover candles that we always keep. Unfortunately I had recently thrown away the leftovers since we hadn’t been using them for a long time and we are going travelling soon and have to narrow down on the things we keep. So we used new candles and just took a little of each.

She wanted different colours. She chose white, red, light blue and light purple. We put the little pieces of candlelight into a small bowl and put it in a pan with water. We turned the heat on until the water was boiling and slowly the candles started to melt.

A occasionally checked the process and stirred the melting candles a little.


She took out the old wicks from the melted wax so they wouldn’t be in the new candle.


Then we poured the melted candle wax into a glass with a new wick.


The melted wax looked quite dark, but in the end A’s new candle looked like this:





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