Visitors and celebrations

We have had visitors these past few days. My sister has been visiting from Austria and we were finally graced with her presence for a couple of days. It so happened that she was able to stay for A’s birthday and with the rest of the family visiting as well it has been lovely.

A is very close with my siblings and parents, especially my sister and A have a very close relationship and A is always very happy when she gets to spend time with her. We were all enjoying ourselves a lot. We went for walks, made preparations for A’s birthday, hung around, talked, and played A LOT.

My sister does a lot of yoga and A decided to join her for her morning routine.


On A’s birthday my parents and my brother also came to celebrate. A loves visitors and company. She loves when we get to spend time together all of us.

My dad found a slackline at a garage sale and we all tried it out. It is very difficult but it is also very much fun and A quickly got a sense of how to stay balanced on the line. I think we will be practising quite a lot in the days to come.


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