Lima, home to Paddington the bear, lots of street art and almost 10 million people – we love you!

We have been in Lima, Peru for about 4 days and we have really taken a liking to this huge, bustling metropolis. One of the reasons for this are the incredibly friendly and warm hearted people we have met here.

Our host, Monica, and her family are the sweetest people you can ask for. And people on the street are all friendly and helpful, even if your Spanish is as broken as mine.

And all the things you can do and see here are absolutely overwhelming! We have been walking around the two most mellow districts of Lima, Miraflores and Barranco, for the past 4 days and we see new things every day.

The street art is magnificent:

If you ever get to Lima it is definitely worth the while to just wander around and look at all the beautiful pictures on the walls.


There are pictures on almost every street in the district of Barranco and it is truly phenomenal to walk around and enjoy it.


We walked around Barranco for a while yesterday and saw some of the many pieces of art that are strewn all over this tranquil part of town.

We wanted to rest our feet and went down to see the pacific ocean too. This beach isn’t for swimming though. Lots of rocks, pollution, and the waves are huge! But we still enjoyed the view ❤

Naturally, we needed some cake after our long walk.







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