When travelling is less than fun

We are fine. Actually we are very well and we are happy and excited to be experiencing a lot of new things. We really enjoy it. But sometimes travelling is no pleasure. We have had a few of those times when we have travelled. This time it was a bus ride from Lima to Arequipa. The ride takes approximately 16 hours. It took a little longer but nevermind.

I booked tickets with one of the more expensive companies here, Cruz del Sur, to make sure we would have a comfortable ride. And I must say this is the most luxurious bus I have ever stepped on in my life. Reclining sofa seats, a place to put your feet, space for your belongings, movies on the screen in front of you, two meals (if you’re not a vegan), and blankets and pillows. Very nice.

It was an overnight ride as I figured we would be able to sleep on the way and not be too tired when we arrived in Arequipa. Only, I was wrong.

After about 5 minutes on the bus A felt sick. Two seconds later she had thrown up all over herself and her seat. I resolutely emptied our bag of food in my seat so she would have something to throw up in for the next attack. That was wise. A had a stomack ache. She was throwing up every hour for the whole ride. I was running back and forth between our seats and the steward’s seat in the back of the bus for more puke bags and paper to wipe A’s nose, mouth, and forehead.

After a little while I also started feeling nauseous and my stomach was acting up. On top of this my mooncup decided to leak so I had to pinch myself in the, by now, not very delicious bathroom of the bus and stay upright for long enough to do something about it. It was an act of balance and determination. Neither easy nor fun.

Naturally, we didn’t sleep much on this bus ride. A managed to sleep for a little in between her throwing up but I stayed wide awake worrying about her and making sure she had everything she needed as best as I could. I also started to wonder if this was really the sort of experiences I wanted A to have. But I told myself it wouldn’t make things better to take it out on myself. Sometimes things are just not nice or fun or easy.

Poor A didn’t eat anything on the whole ride. She managed to drink a little water but she threw it up right away.

When we arrived in Arequipa we were both exhausted. We stumpled out of the bus. A couldn’t carry anything so I had carry all our baggage. I really wanted to carry her but it wasn’t possible. Arriving from Lima, Arequipa was burning hot and we immediately felt sweaty and uncomfortable after our long, unpleasant ride, wearing too much clothes and being both hungry and very tired.

We got a taxi from the bus station to our hostel but he couldn’t drop us off at the exact spot so we had to wander around and look for it. A well meaning woman send us in the wrong direction and after about 15 minutes (I know it doesn’t sound like much but at that exact point it felt like hours) of walking around in the blazing sun we found what we were seeking.

We fell into our dorm beds and slept. Oh sweet, sweet sleep.

Today is our second day here. A is still recovering. We are taking it very easy. Eating, sleeping, talking, watching movies. We have managed a small stroll in our nearby surroundings and Arequipa is beautiful. I am sure we will have a wonderful time here once we are both fully recovered.


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