Settling in the travel mode, or trying to take it easy

We have been in Peru for about three weeks now but it seems like much longer. All the places we’ve seen, all the people we’ve met and all the things that are so different and yet so similar.

I have still to get into the best suitable pace of travelling for us. It seems we haven’t yet found our right pace. And even though I am trying not to rush things it seems I can’t completely let go of the voice in my head telling me to figure out where to go next. So many places to see, so many places to go, so many things to do, and so little time.

Yet I am coming to the conclusion that travelling is not about going to as many places as possible as quickly as you can. Or rather, I already knew that, so the conclusion is that travelling is about feeling at home where you are. Being content with where you are and what you are doing. I know this intuitively. But why is the rushing so hard to shake?

It seems A is a much better traveller than I. She is where she is, whether it is a crowded combi bus in Arequipa’s crazy traffick or a quiet restaurant in downtown, or somebody’s kitchen etc. She settles where she is and lives in the now. It is wonderful to see her doing that. Not changing her ways no matter where we are. But growing with the person she is.

Still I can’t help but wonder how it may feel for her. Does she have enough time to savour all the moments. To process all the inputs that she gets. I am not sure I myself have had enough time so far. I am wondering if maybe Peru has too much to offer for two such dreamy souls as A and myself. If maybe the vastness of this country’s culture and geographic offerings is too much for us to handle. One single country and SO many treasures. It is absolutely overwhelming.

Even the people who live here that we have talked to say there are SO many things to see in Peru you wont be able to do everything in an entire lifetime. And I agree.

upon climbing a small mountain in Arequipa
A has an eagle (I think) on her head

So, it is with the knowledge that our travels are not going to show us everything, nor are they supposed to, rather, they are going to let us grow as people, open up our minds and hearts, and give us unforgettable memories, that I post this. And I am happy about that.


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