Wonder and magic in Arequipa

We had some beautiful days in Arequipa. Not least because of the amazing people we met there. After our not very pleasant bus ride from Lima we needed to feel at home and welcome and Arequipa offered just that.

In our hostel we met some very sweet young women from Belgium who were all positively intruiged by our travel plans and the idea of unschooling. We were happy to tell about our endeavours and what “school” looks like for A. I always feel so fortunate when I am able to talk about unschooling to people I meet and I can tell that they are excited about the idea. It turned out they all found the idea amazing and one of them even said it gave her hope and inspired her – that made me very happy.

After two days in our hostel we moved to our couchsurfing destination. We were to live with Jessica and her family. It turned out to be the most wonderful place to stay. Jessica and her sister, brother and mother were all warm and welcoming and we instantly felt at home.

It turned out we had a lot of things in common too.

The first few days in Arequipa we spent recovering from our disastrous bus journey from Lima. We mostly slept, ate, and watched movies and read. But we also did a little bit of wandering around the city. Arequipa has been said to have the most beautiful Plaza de Armas in all of Peru and it is really a pretty Plaza. Which A LOT of travelers have found out. Arequipa is bustling with tourists and backpackers alike. We saw the Santa Catalina Monastery and visited the Museo Santuario Andinos, where we saw Juanita, a young Inca girl, who was sacrificed to the Inca gods.

It was a nice change to move from a hostel to Jessica’s house. We immediately felt welcome and at home. Jessica and her family took us around time and to sights outside of time. We enjoyed 5 wonderful days there. We also went on a tour to see Colca Canyon.

Arequipa was wonder, magic, and incredibly sweet people ❤




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