A walk in an Ecuadorian national park

We are visiting our first national park on our travels. After having spent time in Montañita we take the bus one hour north to Puerto Lopez, which is known to be the eco-tour mecca of Ecuador.

From Puerto Lopez you can visit the Machalilla National Park, see the most beautiful beach in the country, Los Frailes, or go see ‘The Poor Man’s Galapagos’, Isla Los Platas. There are many other tours to be taken from Puerto Lopez but we settled for the Machalilla National Park. The entrance is free as is true for all Ecuadorian national parks, except for the Galapagos Islands.

Machalilla National Park is beautiful! And it is very easy to get there from Puerto Lopez. The whole trip costs us 4 USD in total. 2 to get from the center to the bus station with a moto taxi and 2 to get a bus to the entrance.


We decide to hike through the park on a trail that took us up in the hills along the coast and through thick bush landscape. We see interesting plants, lots of lizards, and a snake. But our favourite part is definitely the beaches. And I should think that they are what the park is known for. Especially the last beach is magical, Los Frailes.

While we walk, A is writing notes in her book. She talks excitedly about how she wants to be a scientist and an explorer. She draws lizards in the book and wants me to get a perfect picture of one so that she can see all its details.

While we are walking A starts reciting a poem from one of her audio books. It goes a little like this:

‘In the garden of light I will walk. With beauty in front of me I will walk. With beauty behind me I will walk. With beauty above me I will walk. With beauty below me I will walk. On the path of beauty I will walk.’

She tells me that the place inspires her to recite poems because of its beauty and I fill up with happiness and pride because of my daughter’s wisdom and her love for the world ❤

I feel blessed that I am able to experience something like this with her.




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