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There is so much attention! A third post from A.

If you who are reading this post ever go to South America you can be sure that you will get a lot of attention. One good advice I can give you that is, if you have blond hair, you can hide it with a scarf. Or you can be sure that people will grab onto your hair. It happens very often that people touch your hair and you can get very tired of it. So you don’t want people to do it anymore. You can cover your hair with something so people can’t see it. And you will only recieve a lot of attention if you are light.

For example, three times people have held onto my arm when we were walking in the city and people often want to take a photo of me, even when I say I don’t want to. And if someone wants your child to do this you should consider that your child maybe doesn’t want to have their picture taken. It’s usually the parents that want the kids to take a photo with you.


How sad it sometimes can be. A second post from A.

It can be very difficult to miss places that you have to leave. For example when I needed to leave Mompiche, a place I had grown very attached to. First we planned to be there for three days but we ended up being there a month. We were going to Quito and that was very cold and rainy and I would have loved to stay in Mompiche for a little longer. And I was crying the first night because I really missed Mompiche.

It’s like when you fill up a glass of water and when it’s full you can’t put any more in and that’s how it is to travel. At some point you just get enough of that travel and you want to go home. It isn’t like that for everyone. Some people can fill the glass again and again and drink it.

A very first post from A

I have been to Thailand. I will be 7 on the 6th of August. I have also been to Cambodia. I have been to Koh Tao and lived in a bungalow and the beach was very beautiful. There were lots of fish and it was really cozy there. I want to tell about how it was in Thailand. It was very lovely there.

I am learning how to tie balloons and I have tied three already. It is really fun but also hard. I love nature because its so beautiful and lovely and all the green and I am connected to nature becuase I come fra nature. We should all live in the nature because its healthy. The plants are very healthy. The plants can cure people because they are full of healthy things. Everything in nature is healthy. I love the colors and I love the ocean and the sky. I love to swim. I love water. I feel like I was born to swim.

I want people to live in nature. I don’t want people to build new houses.